Mark I FEAR Tech™ Reactor


Fueless Energy Acquisition Reactor™ Technology

This is the invention that kick started it all and took the fight to the nuclear reactor. The Mark I Fueless Energy Acquisition Reactor (FEAR Tech™) is a hybrid fusion of existing power generating technology with our proprietary and commercially ready Self Sustaining Technology (SST™). Incorporating just one single moving part it revolutionized the generation of immediately usable power in the form of electricity in an “infinite” loop cycle reaction approach. Because it incorporates a lot of existing technology it is immediately implementable on a commercial level. From powering a single home in the KW bracket right up to a national grid in the GW bracket. The major advantages of this technology is the scalability, turn around chronology to setup, cost effectiveness and above all else it is 100% environmentally friendly producing absolutely zero emissions, radiation or any kind of waste or environmental side effects

This then is the ultimate solution of all solutions. Cost to surmise is 25% and 5% the cost of any similar power output Hydro or Nuclear Power plants respectively, with turn around time to build a 1.5GW power plant being just 2 months with all the “dual-brid” equipment being onsite from our very competent and current power generating industrial juggernaut Chinese supplier. The rest of the proprietary SST™ technology is developed in house at Blaze Advanced Technology™. It is worthy to note that our reactor powers itself i.e to say it creates enough power to feed both the grid and to power itself thus it has absolutely zero overhead save for a checkup every 2 years for the obvious wear and tear on the singular “electro-mechanical” components needed to maintain the SST™, these components are currently ISO rated for 10 years but in the interest of competency we peg 2 years as our benchmark. In terms of scalability, a 1GW power plant can be accommodated on a surface area of just 1 Acre this includes the reactor shedding, HV capacitor stabilizing yard, inverters, dead tanks etc. This then is the doorway to the future and the new world and as Albert Einstein himself stated and quote

When the solution is simple, God is answering — Einstein

NB*: You can now buy a 3KW, 5KW or 24KW version of this Reactor for your home by visiting our Portable Reactor Shop