F-Tech™ Reactor – 24 KW

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Blaze Power Corp™ 24KW (Free Energy) Power Home/Work Reactor.
This is our Electric Power Creator in compact form. Capable of creating electric power without any fuel driven prime mover, to surmise and in essence, a “self powered” electricity generator


Blaze Power FEAR Tech™ Reactor for your home or workshop. Our proprietary Fuel Free Energy device is now available in compact form. Just like our Power Utility plants, this Fuel Free Energy Generator requires no fuel to operate and produces no emissions & makes no more noise than your regular air conditioning unit. Power output is 24KW with dual power output sockets or outlets i.e Mono Phase (110/220V) as well as 3 Phase (400/450V) frequency is 50 – 60 Hz.

This Reactor is IP54 designated (standard) but can be configured to specification as may be required and can be “open” drip proof or enclosed for urban or residential use as and may be required. Specific requirements should be noted when making your purchase including any custom configurations that you may desire.

NB*: Custom orders cannot ship out immediately as the requisite modifications would need to be factored in prior to shipment

Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 220 x 75 x 63 cm
Power Sockets

3 Phase – 400/450V & Mono Phase 110/220V

Power Output

24 KW


50 – 60 Hz