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Fueless Energy Acquisition Reactor™ Technology - FEAR Tech™

This is the invention that kick started it all and took the fight to the nuclear reactor. The Mark I Fueless Energy Acquisition Reactor (FEAR Tech™) is a hybrid fusion of existing power generating technology with our proprietary and commercially ready Self Sustaining Technology (SST™). Incorporating just one single moving part it revolutionized the generation of immediately usable power in the form of electricity in an "infinite" loop cycle reaction approach. Because it incorporates a lot of existing technology it is immediately implementable on a commercial level. From powering a single home in the KW bracket right up to a national grid in the GW bracket. The major advantages of this technology is the scalability, turn around chronology to setup, cost effectiveness and above all else it is 100% environmentally friendly producing absolutely zero emissions, radiation or any kind of waste or environmental side effects

This then is the ultimate solution of all solutions. Cost to surmise is 25% and 5% the cost of any similar power output Hydro or Nuclear Power plants respectively, with turn around time to build a 1.5GW power plant being just 2 months with all the "dual-brid" equipment being onsite from our very competent and current power generating industrial juggernaut Chinese supplier. The rest of the proprietary SST™ technology is developed in house at Blaze Advanced Technology™. It is worthy to note that our reactor powers itself i.e to say it creates enough power to feed both the grid and to power itself thus it has absolutely zero overhead save for a checkup every 2 years for the obvious wear and tear on the singular "electro-mechanical" components needed to maintain the SST™, these components are currently ISO rated for 10 years but in the interest of competency we peg 2 years as our benchmark. In terms of scalability, a 1GW power plant can be accommodated on a surface area of just 1 Acre this includes the reactor shedding, HV capacitor stabilizing yard, inverters, dead tanks etc. This then is the doorway to the future and the new world and as Albert Einstein himself stated and quote

When the solution is simple, God is answering - Albert Einstein

Blaze Power Corp™ (Free Electricity) Power Home or Work Reactor

This is our Electric Power Creator in compact form. Capable of creating electric power without any fuel driven prime mover, to surmise and in essence, a "self powered" electricity generator

Blaze Power FEAR Tech™ Reactor for your home or work place. Our proprietary device is now available in compact form. Just like our Power Utility plants, this Fuel Free Energy Generator requires no fuel to operate and produces no emissions & makes no more noise than your regular air conditioning unit. Power output is 3KW/5KW/24KW with dual power output sockets or outlets i.e Mono Phase (110/220V for 3KW version only) & mono or 3phase "bi-combo" (220/380/450V for 5KW/24KW) version depending on chosen configuration), frequency is within the standard 50 - 60 Hz range.

FEAR Tech™ - Available Configurations & Costs

F-Tech™ 3KW (Mono Phase) - ฿ 0.108396
F-Tech™ 5KW (Mono or 3Phase) - ฿ 0.185456
F-Tech™ 24KW (Mono or 3Phase) - ฿ 0.351592

This Reactor is IP54 designated (standard) but can be configured to specification as may be required and can be "open" drip proof or enclosed for urban or residential use as and may be required. Specific requirements should be noted when making your purchase including any custom configurations that you may desire.

NB*: ALL PRICES ARE IN BTC (Bitcoin) as the only currency accepted by Blaze Power Corporation™ (See Public Awareness Notice below). Custom orders cannot ship out immediately as the requisite modifications would need to be factored in prior to shipment

We are currently in the process of rolling out a global electricity power grid, fully powered by our low cost overhead reactors. The first phase is the TAPPING™ Project i.e Trans Africa Power Producing Interconnected Network Grid which will be a land based network transmitting low cost electricity form Cape to Cairo. Keep watching this space for updates as the project transforms from concept to reality

WARNING* BITCOIN CORE DEVELOPERS SCAM ALERT: It has come to our attention that the Bitcoin Core Developers are working in cahoots with the CIA & other spy agencies to help them control or destroy Bitcoin in order to back their own Crypto's like Bitcoin Cash, Luke Dash & the Dash Crypto Joke as well as WEAKEN the FINANCIAL SECURITY provided by Bitcoin. These are strong allegation but as always we tell it like it is after examining the facts & after we discovered an anomaly that should not be an anomaly. After publishing our previous notice about the dangers of Bitcoin Core forks, strangely, our IP address (specifically) kept on getting a "Ping Wait" DDOS style problem on the Bitcoin network which at the time we assumed was a network-wide issue (as we published below), we where wrong. We then decided to ban ALL nodes displaying this behaviour assuming it was a rogue collusion by the Bitcoin Core developers disgruntled by the fact that we where educating the general public against their vigilante behaviour of trying to control the Bitcoin network. We then switched IP addresses "on the fly" & immediately the SAME NODES dropped the DDOS behavior then we switched back to our ORIGINAL IP & it started again. This in effect means that a "CENTRAL" individual(s) can actually BLACKLIST ANYONES node on the network & ALL NODES will accept this command & ONLY THE CORE DEVELOPERS CAN DO THIS (super emphasis added to highlight the severity). This is against the SATOSHI vision of DECENTRALISATION as this is MONOPOLY and yet proof that the Bitcoin Core Developers CANNOT be trusted (they are putting "BACK-DOOR" code into Bitcoin Core on behalf of the CIA, the same rubbish that Google, Microsoft & yahoo where doing). As we have SPECIFICALLY stated to the public, ALL nodes AFTER Bitcoin Core v0.12.0 are not safe, you need to DOWNGRADE your node immediately to v0.12.0 (Download link for Windows is below) otherwise watch out for Bitcoin Nuke 2.0 where funds just start disappearing from YOUR wallets (The idea is to UNDERMINE confidence in Bitcoin).

I PERSONALLY as CEO of Blaze Power Corp. GUARANTEE that Bitcoin is 100% SAFE & LEGITIMATE BUT IF & ONLY IF YOUR BITCOIN CORE NODE IS EITHER v0.12.0 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) OR LOWER. ANYTHING WITH SEGWIT IS A DISASTER & IS NOT COVERED IN OUR GUARANTEE OR BY OUR PRODUCT(S) - Super emphasis added to stress the severity. LET THIS BE CLEAR SUCH THAT WHEN ANYTHING HAPPENS & SOON, YOU KNOW HOW FAR OUR COVER GOES! IF YOU PERSIST IN IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE THAT IS YOUR OWN FUNERAL! Nobody AUDITS code 100% & the Bitcoin Core Developers & CIA know this thus they use the "Its Open Source" PSYCHOLOGY to make you believe what they are doing is transparent. The average guy DOES NOT understand code to even begin AUDITING & ANYONE at that intellectual level that does discover anything is either paid off or silenced. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AGAIN. Satoshi disappeared for a REASON, what he tried to prevent has become a REALITY & YOU ARE HELPING. We told you, NO SEGWIT! But some of the general public persist. As for ANYONE who feels threatened I urge you NOW to visit BITCOIN PRIVATE BANK™ our very OWN Private Bank the ONLY BANK IN THE WORLD that can AFFORD to offer 100% GUARANTEE ON ALL BITCOIN DEPOSITS. We will shield & handle ALL the security concerns for you IF YOU CAN'T OR DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RUN YOUR OWN NODE for we understand the rogue financial rodents & saboteurs behind this GLOBAL SYNDICATE & SCAM BETTER than ANYONE else. The BIG BITCOIN BOMB is coming MAKE NO MISTAKE IF YOU HAVE A NEW NODE. The ACE in the sleeve with Bitcoin is that EVERY TRANSACTION from the PAST is ON RECORD thus they can steal your funds but they CANNOT DESTROY the LEDGER (Satoshi was not stupid). Since we are running legacy systems & we have EXCESS LIQUIDITY far GREATER than ALL Bitcoins EXISTING & TO BE ISSUED we can 100% shield you against financial ruin because even MOBILE WALLETS or ONLINE wallets ARE NOT SAFE since they connect to these NEW BITCOIN CORE VERSIONS. REMEMBER: Our financial operations are for MARKET STABILITY & FINANCIAL HONESTY NOT PROFIT IN ORDER FOR US TO ROLL OUT OUR PRODUCTS SAFELY (Super emphasis added again to stress the severity)

Further Information

All information pertaining to our Technology, R & D as well as information concerning how our technology works including all our investigative work into the misdeeds of the USA and its cronies regards technology suppression, unlimited energy etc have all been moved to our Subsidiary entity, the Blaze Advanced Technology™ website (click highlighted text link to visit the website now). All the other pertinent old notices are listed below for those that are new here

The Bitcoin Conundrum

As we predicted the problems are arising again with the Bitcoin network and why? This is because with higher capacity comes complexity. We warned of problems before the Segwit fork. With complexity in the name of "upgrades" or "improvements" as we learned with the Boeing 737 MAX comes incompetence and multiple problems. From a developers perspective one is only watching the vault to make sure safeguards are in place to avoid Bitcoins being stolen, no one looks at potential for sabotage. The enemies of Bitcoin are not trying to steal Bitcoins but sabotage it. If it is not broken don't fix it. Remember Satoshi DID NOT create Bitcoin to become another paypal or that joke they call Bitcoin Cash. The idea was simply to create an irrevocable platform for the UNHINDERED free movement of funds WITHOUT any 3rd party control or INFLUENCE (emphasis added), a "self determining platform", all the complexity with the forks has now allowed 3rd parties with capacity to hold the network ransom by slowing it down because they understand that "time is money" and thus "money is time" if you can delay a transaction then you can control certain outcomes and this is power that the so called "Bitcoin Community" has handed over oblivious, you are only watching the vault but not what keeps the vault together, the classic Houdini method of "misdirection". We advise all stakeholders that understand what the TRUE PURPOSE of Bitcoin WAS to roll back their nodes to Bitcoin Core v0.12.0 (yes no Segwit). Download Bitcoin Core v0.12.0 for Windows CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and just ignore that annoying upgrade notice which was just a ruse to scare you into Segwit (false flag) and if your node will not synchronize then simply watch the peers look at "Ping Wait" under the "Peers" list tab and BAN ALL NODES that keep giving an erratic value (this is another problem created by these forks) its like a subtle DDOS but it works if they can get multiple nodes to do that. Bitcoin like PGP was not built for frills but security thus you cannot abandon its essence, for you betray its purpose and Satoshi in spirit. REMEMBER: Bitcoin was NEVER built to be a credit card nor credit card replacement or compete with that REVOCABLE (chargeback prone) platform, the purpose was to compete with the SWIFT antique bank transfer network which takes anything from 3-5 days to clear funds between continents and it can also collapse WITH YOUR MONEY e.g Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and the rest of the 2008 "banksters", fraudsters even of the recession thus put it into perspective and understand it as what it is. The rest of the issues are addressed below in our previous and old notice below

USD - The greatest Scam & Fraud in history

Due to escalating global tensions and hypocrisy, Blaze Power Corp.™ has unanimously abandoned all confidence in the current global fiat money system which we have exposed as being biased and dishonest to say the least, based merely on speculation void of value or ethics. We have reached a shameful plateau where a congress by virtue of a vote and a signature from Donald Trump can create Trillions from "thin air" for the military to spend on more weapons, just as a 5 year old would do at the board game Monopoly and the world is silent? Fiat value has been reduced to collusive institutional speculation at national level, denial incarnate, yet proof that the recession is being artificially manipulated by collusion as gone yet prevalent thus evidently there is no real value in fiat. All shop prices effective immediately are now in BTC (Bitcoin) only including all shares bought through our Private Bank. If you do not know what Bitcoin is we suggest you start researching now and buy as much as you can

The strength of fiat currency was based on its respective administrators honesty, integrity and morals. These values have been betrayed beyond repair, just watch the news and thus if you value your future, for your sake switch to Bitcoin only as clearly other crypto currencies are crypto technically but fundamentally and ethically fiat thus switch to Bitcoin only and save what is left of your wealth. Better yet buy shares in Blaze Power Corp.™ through our groups subsidiary Bitcoin Private Bank™, the future of energy, the world and the only 100% effective defense against nuclear weapons. This is even a far better currency reserve than Bitcoin, any ICO, IPO or any other investment or hedge in the world. We sincerely regret this decision but we stand by what we do. Good morals do not have a price, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. The money supply issue surrounding Bitcoin as we expressed way before the attempted Segwit fork will be corrected by the market as you can see the price increases thus availability will never be an issue. Even 1mBTC can be worth $1Trillion to satisfy the money supply, this is true market forces at work, we predicted this in the $600.00 per BTC days and now look. Thus contrary to popular belief Bitcoin by itself can replace the USD effectively, efficiently, transparently, seamlessly and above all else HONESTLY and ANONYMOUSLY. The only thing is that stakeholders of the network should not accept or agree to any forks because these are a premise for CIA trojans and viruses that want to destroy Bitcoin

The strength of Bitcoin is in what many "fake experts" want the public to believe are its flaws. Remember their antique SWIFT bank transfer network takes 3-5 days to transfer money around the world and you have to go to them whereas with Bitcoin it is direct and open for business 24hrs a day, 7 days a week thus Bitcoin is awesome as compared to this without the fork or any other forks. Thus safeguard your future by yourself not via hype and speculators trying to protect their own interests. Again welcome to Blaze Power Corporation™

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